Yes I meant blob. Well then....
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Alright, fellow fishblrs, I’ve got some news, so settle down.

First off, now that I finally posted the photos of the marimo babies that arrived a week or two ago, I can post pictures of the admiral of all algae.

See that marimo! Look how ginormous! It doesn’t even fit in the bowl with the babies! I found it TODAY at Tropiquarium in Ocean Township, NJ. So, this is both a shout out to Trop (which is an incredible LFS) and a heads up to any fishblrs living in NJ. If you want jumbo-tron sized marimos at rock bottom deals, you need to head down there. They had another six or so behemoths like this bad boy left, and they were $9.99. Yes, you read that right. Ten bucks for monster sized marimo.

Plus, they’re running a buy-one-get-one-free offer on select fish.

Check them out at

…. oh, and, by the by, there were two that were actually larger than this one, but they didn’t have as nicely spherical shape.

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But guys imagine:

Lithuania playing basketball with America

Lithuania winning the game

Lithuania wearing his hair back in a ponytail

Lithuania getting sweaty and taking off his shirt, revealing his rock hard abs

A P H Lithuania!!!